Central PA Food Bank

october 2021


Molly L.

“Volunteering at the food bank was an awesome experience and I would definitely volunteer there again! I really appreciate how the Central PA Food Bank serves our local community and educates volunteers on signs that their neighbors may be hungry even if they do not want to ask for help.”


Elizabeth S.

“Recently, I was able to take part in giving back to the community with West Shore Home by volunteering at the Central PA Food Bank. Our group was made up of 18 individuals throughout our corporate and Mechanicsburg branches. We worked as a team to package care boxes for those in need. During our time, we learned about how families do without the basic items such as food because they do not want others to know they are struggling. This experience was very rewarding, and I look forward to servicing the community again soon.”


Quaalyn W.

“Volunteering at the Central PA Food Bank was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again soon.”


Rebekah H.

“I love team projects that are physically taxing, goal oriented, and with a hint of competition. Working at the Central PA Food Bank was a great way to experience all of those while giving back to the community in a tangible way. I would love to volunteer again!”

november 2021

Adam C.

“Aside from the obvious good that we are doing for those who are less fortunate, I had the chance to get to know and to team build with those from other corners of the company who I do not get to interact with on a daily basis. But, also volunteering at the Central PA Food Bank holds a certain place in my heart because it was something that I had done many times with my church youth group many years ago, so it conjured up a few fond memories.”


Danny F.

“West Shore Home is about Bringing Happiness to Every Home and the team that I volunteered with at the Central PA Food Bank certainly executed that mission.”


Jaime K.

“It was a really great experience to team up with my colleagues at the Central PA Food Bank and work together for a good cause. It feels good knowing that our work is helping local families in our own community. It is efforts like this – big and small – that make me proud to work with a company so committed to improving the lives of those around us.”