Things You Need to Know About Replacement Windows

Windows can truly make or break the visual feel and appeal of a home. After all, the shapes and attributes of your windows determine how much light comes into your home, how bright that light is, and how open your home can feel. They also have a large impact on heating and cooling utility bills, as the old single pane windows or poorly sealed windows can let a lot of cool air out in the summer, and heat out in the winter.

So, how do you know if your windows need replacing? What are the benefits of replacement windows, and should you upgrade or just replace a bad window? These are the questions we’re here to discuss.

Which windows need to be replaced?

This can be a tricky question, but it largely depends on the needs of the individual and their local climate. If you live in an area where the temperature rests at a comfortable 70 degrees all year, you could be totally fine with single pane windows, as long as they stay clean and are securely in place. On the other hand, anyone in any climate may not like to look at those old, aluminum windows any longer, so updating your windows may be valid for both stylistic and functional purposes.

If you happen to notice there is a draft around one of your windows, this is a troublesome sign. It is likely that there is a crack in the wall or framing around the window, which can quickly drive your utility bills through the roof (figuratively speaking). This is a telltale sign of a window in need of replacing.

I’ve decided to replace a window (or several)- do I need to upgrade?

Again, it depends largely on your own preferences. However, if you remember that chilly single pane window we mentioned earlier, you could consider that a strong cue to upgrade if your climate tends to see all four seasons of the year. Obviously, in this situation, most homeowners will have most, if not all, of their windows to replace, since most homes have the same types of windows in varying sizes for consistency’s sake.

Now, if you’re the kind of person who notices a problem with a crack or breaks in the seal of one particular window, and you’re not overly concerned with upgrading the appearance or function of that one window, simply replacing that window with a matching one is the way to go.

Should I install windows myself?

While some window manufacturers do make kits for homeowners to install windows themselves, we strongly recommend hiring a professional in almost every instance. The main reasoning for this being that windows are heavy, need to be seated and sealed properly within the window frame, and so on. This can be a real challenge for the average Joe homeowner, and if something goes wrong, you’re completely on the hook for whatever damage you do to your new window or even your home itself.